A Brighter Side

adoption fasd fetal alcohol spectrum disorder foster care mom life Oct 27, 2021

Do you ever have those moments where you are sitting IN the moment and something suddenly hits you like a ton of bricks? You have that "a-ha" moment and things seem a little clearer?

I just had one of those yesterday and it was completely unexpected. 

What did I realize? There really IS a brighter side to having a child with FASD and sensory processing issues. What? A brighter side? Yes, there really is. Here is one of the ways I came to this conclusion...

I went to have a special one on one lunch with my little one. After a rough morning of activities, we decided to go to one of our favorite places to eat because they have a patio outside. The weather was kind of gloomy and it was actually too cold for her to eat outside. As we are standing in line to order our food, she starts to struggle. And by struggle, I mean losing all self control. Trying not to make a bigger scene, I stooped down to her level and she asked to go home. She just wants to go home. "Is it too loud? Are there too many people?" I asked her.  "Yes, can we go?" She says. I promise her we would leave after we get our food, because I know she is hungry and we can't leave without food. Changing what we planned on eating would have another set of challenging transitional behaviors to navigate. 

As we are leaving with our lunch, she asks to eat in the car. I know she's hungry, and we have to pick up her sister from school shortly, so I agreed. As we were nearing the car, we thought, "Let's have a picnic!" I opened the back of the car and climbed in. It was still too cold out for her so I closed the back door but opened the back and side windows so we had some fresh air. And as we sat there, eating our lunch, it hit me...

There were minimal distractions. The noise was muffled and there was nothing to keep our attention averted from each other. I sat there, with my four year old little one, and we just talked and laughed and played while we ate our lunch together in the back of our car. She became so regulated and a pleasure to hang out with. No meltdowns, no fidgets in her chair and trying to climb all over the place. No getting down and running around the patio because there was just too much to look at and do. She sat there and joyfully ate her lunch. 

While enjoying this moment with my little girl, I discovered something about myself in the process...if we would have eaten outside, I would have been distracted too. All the people, all the conversations, all the cars passing by, everything could have taken my attention away from her. I would not have been able to give all of me to her. 

I enjoyed our time so much, and she did too. Today I am thankful I saw a brighter side to FASD. 

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