Hi! I’m Shannon


I am a mom of multiple children with varying brain based conditions, including Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). I believe that children want to do well and will if they can. The key is understanding how the brain works. By doing so, we can support our children in ways they need to aid in improve outcomes.

I've been there...

Trying to parent my children with neurobehavioral disabilities and feeling like nothing was working. Being in the day to day of behavioral challenges and not knowing what to do took a toll on my family.

I've been at the IEP table...

seeking supports and services in school for my kids and feeling defeated because of the lack of knowledge of their disabilities and needs, and not knowing how it works or what to ask for.

It was while in these hard places in our family life when I sought training for myself and my husband. My search led me to FASCETS where we learned the neurobehavioral approach to parenting. This life-changing training radically shifted the dynamics in our home and I knew in my core I needed to share this with  everyone I possibly could. After intensive training, I became a certified facilitator of the FASCETS neurobehavioral model.  

Because of my experience... 

in the schools I never want anyone to feel alone and unprepared at the IEP table. After IEP training courses, I am now a parent partner, equipping and empowering parents in seeking supports and services for their children at school.

I am passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

By sharing...

my knowledge, experience, and education, I hope to empower caregivers, educators, professionals, organizations, and individuals with FASD, by providing starter strategies for navigating day to day living. As a parent partner in special education, I am passionate about equipping and  empowering parents at the IEP table. 

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I am not a doctor, lawyer, social worker, or mental health professional. I do not give legal advice. As an educator, trainer and advocate, I provide the information to equip you in making appropriate accommodations for your clients and family needs. All information I share is based on research, education, trainings, and personal experiences over the years.