I'm Shannon...FASD educator, trainer, advocate & IEP Parent Partner.


As an FASD educator, I love educating and equipping parents, educators, & organizations with making sense of challenging behaviors & providing  starter strategies for change.


As an IEP Parent Partner and Coach, I come alongside you as a parent & support you in creating a supportive learning environment for your child and resolving IEP struggles.


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I’m Shannon...

FASD Educator




IEP Parent Partner!

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I've been there. Sitting at the IEP table, confused by the language, emotional, and leaving with more questions than I came with. Often it can feel like an us vs. them scenario, but it doesn't have to. Let's work together to empower you at the IEP table.

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I love speaking to large groups and organizations. If you are looking for training as a school, organization, or as a provider, I am available to train either in person or on line. Reach out to me and we can discuss all the details.

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As a parent of children with developmental disabilities I know what it is like to need help in the moment, so I have turned my live trainings into self-paced courses so you don't have to wait to learn starter strategies for change.

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"I am so glad I took Shannon's training. Her knowledge, experience and personal stories really helped me get a better understanding of FASD. She teaches in a way that is engaging and easy to understand"


Mary Jane

Olive Crest Foster Family Agency

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I am not a doctor, lawyer, social worker, or mental health professional. I do not give legal advice. As an educator, trainer and advocate, I provide the information to equip you in making appropriate accommodations for your clients and family needs. All information I share is based on research, education, trainings, and personal lived experiences over the years.